The market is still growing as the Internet fostered 21 percent of the GDP growth in mature economies over the past 5 years.

Build Your Brand

The Internet rules the digital era your online presence and reputation is important to build clients.

Build Likes

‘About Me’ Create the page that describes short and sweet who you are to your visitors.


Professional service and customer satisfaction.

Here at i-Village Online our focus is to gain access to up to date tools for today’s internet trends. Seeking that high quality web design that looks just as good on the mobile phone as it does on the computer? Look no further i-Village Online has you covered. Have you considered your web video getting into the hands of your competition and monetizing off of your hard work? Have you considered a digital video presence on the web? We have tools to customize video advertisement, protect or redirect that traffic right back to you if others have claimed already created footage for their sites. We also do Mobile application creation and lead generation.
  • Our websites are lightweight, faster, clean, super flexible and bootstrap based responsive theme for business or personal websites.
  • Video SEO optimization for your video content for search engines. We follow the latest proven trends, strategies, best practices and tips for video search optimization and video protection.
  • With i-Village Online we provide services for small and medium mobile application creation using HTML5 that works with Android, iPhone and iPad.
  • Try our professional classified ad submission service.

Let us help you make your online presence a reality

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Business Websites

Developers create professional websites that appeal to your targeted audience and help build a reliable brand identity.

Online Store Development

A robust well-developed eCommerce portal can transform your business idea into a successful enterprise.

Your Partner

Working directly with our client we will identify the right web platform, whether it’s WordPress or something else and work towards powering your online product.
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Effective marketing strategies online continue to evolve every day as do the tools to leverage them. If your web presence isn't generating business for your company, you're leaving money on the table. Learn how effective inbound marketing strategies work.
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